wow, people really enjoy to fuck me over.

amber, apparently also needs the gratification that she is better than me. well brilliant, you got it, i hope you happy now, you fucking cunt. (sara and marianne like the c-u-n to the t word.)so, i suppose this deserves an update. charles, poor old charles right? no. so that fucker, after going on and on about how i hurt him and how i'm a jackass, he goes and fucks around with one of my best friends, while, WHILE, writting me e-mails about how he "still wants to be with me" and all the "i can't stop thinking about you"'s. then he tells her(amber) that i'm telling him i love him and i'm all obsessed with him. well fuck you, you fucking son of a bitch.

and who do you think the asshole is now? huh? whose the fucking asshole now?

and amber, this is after amber bitches constantly, NON-FUCKING-STOP, about how beth is horrible, because beth tries to steal all our guys, and how beth just wants to prove that she's better than us by taking all our guys, but then amber goes out with my fucking ex of what? 6 days? well fuck you bitch, fuck you. and then she goes and tells charles that i said i hated him, which i didn't. and that i said all he ever wanted from me was physical stuff, which i also DID NOT say. and it dosn't even end there, then amber goes and tells everyone i'm fucking anorexic and that she's really worried about me and that she guess's the only way to help me is to make me feel good about myself. but then she dates the guy i still like?(no matter how much i complained, i still liked him...a lot) and that is supposed to make me feel good about myself?

what. the. hell.

thank you, thank you amber for making me feel so god-damn good about myself. i'm so glad you care.
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